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Your Wedding Your Way!
Congratulations!!! You're getting married! Whether you are being married next week, in a few months or next year, I will happily assist you in planning for the wedding day of your dreams!
Customized Ceremony 
As a believer that 'one size does not fit all' I love to come alongside couples to assist in creating a ceremony that truly reflects them as a couple - their personality style, values, theme & setting etc, these all play an important part in creating a customized wedding ceremony.  

Based out of Vancouver, I travel across BC to work with you in designing an inspiring & memorable lifetime - sweetly personal, poignant & joyful with light-hearted & fun moments. You & your guests will remember your ceremony.....forever!

Kristen Olynick

Jeff and Vanadis

Our wedding officiant was Kristen and she was outstanding! Kristen took on the challenge of adding some Spanish to our wedding ceremony and it was way beyond what we asked for. She really did an amazing job and our Spanish-speaking guests were delighted. Kristen took care of us and made everything go so smoothly and stress-free. We were able to personalise a lot of things for our ceremony and it made it extra special. We feel lucky for having Kristen!

Ian and Keeley

Thank you Kristen for being part of our wedding! We loved your humor and the overall flow of the ceremony. We had many people come up to us saying how well the ceremony was! We could not have done this without you! Thank you for all your support. Was so great to meet you and to have you there for our day.

Reuben and Ashley

Reuben and I both felt an overwhelming sense of joy and happiness being in your presence. I can’t tell you how many of our guests came up to me after and said, “Who was the lady who married you both? She is amazing!”. A few actually asked if you were a relative of mine because we look alike! I take that as a huge compliment! Again, can’t thank you enough for your kindness and openness—and most of all, your positivity and radiance! 

David and Christine

Kristen was the perfect officiant for our wedding! She was warm and personable – a great fit for our intimate wedding. My husband and I planned our Vancouver wedding remotely from the US, and Kristen was extremely accommodating. She truly guided us through the entire ceremony planning process. Thank you Kristen for making our day extra special!
Wedding Ceremony Options
  • Simple legalization of your marriage, in person, with both parties and 2 witnesses present.
  •  Fuel/travel to the chosen place within Greater Vancouver, BC / Fraser Valley. It can be a coffee shop, restaurant, airport, park—you pick.
  •  Administration required for arrangements and registration of your marriage.
  •  A relaxed, informal atmosphere for you to make your own moment.
  •  For more than 10 guests please request a quote.
  •  (Extra travel distances to weddings can be arranged. Just ask:)
  •  Custom created ceremony script.
  •  Skype, Facetime or whatever is your communication preference, in addition to initial introduction call. 
  •  Option to add your own Vow’s and Reading if requested.
  •  Early arrival at your wedding to chat with the photographer to make sure all goes as planned
  •  Performing and facilitation of your ceremony
  •  Fuel / Travel to the ceremony within Greater Vancouver, BC /Fraser Valley.
  •  Legal registration of your marriage
  •  Face to Face Complimentary Consultation (to make sure you like me:)
  •  My experience and creative juices to help you discover what you want.
  •  Custom created ceremony tailored to who you are as individuals and as a couple
  •  Peace of mind knowing word for word what I am going to say
  •  Unlimited ceremony edits
  •  Unlimited ceremony revisions
  •  Continuous phone/email contact with me to ensure your ceremony is exactly what you want
  •  Full control over the final draft
  •  Coordination of your Rehearsal
  •  Early arrival at your wedding to chat with the photographer and DJ to make sure all goes as planned
  •  Performing and facilitation of your ceremony, of course
  •  Fuel / travel to the rehearsal and ceremony within Greater Vancouver, BC / Fraser Valley.
  •  Legal registration of your marriage
Create Your Dream Wedding.
As a professional wedding officiant I have had the pleasure to officiate 100’s of weddings. What a joy and honour to participate in the joining in marriage of two people in love.

I created a 25 minute video presentation called: "7 Essentials to Make Your Wedding Ceremony Brilliant and Remembered!". 

The "7 Essentials" I introduce in this presentation will benefit and assist you with some valuable wedding ceremony insights and tips. 

It also includes a unique wedding ceremony coordinator service  that can serve you in creating your dream wedding ceremony no matter where you live in North America or anywhere in the world, while potentially saving you significant money.

I am really excited about this service I am offering so please take advantage of this wedding ceremony resource by clicking on this link :


Scott and Amanda

We feel very blessed to be married by such a genuine and loving person as your-self – thank you for working so hard to make it all perfect for us. It was the most wonderful day of my life so far and I still feel like I am in a dream. Thank you for your blessings in our marriage.

Ryan and Eliza

Thank you again Kristen, for doing such an amazing job with our ceremony. Everyone told us that it was so clearly a reflection of us, and that makes us so happy! We’ve just returned from our honeymoon and have been looking at the footage that our videographer shot of the ceremony—it brings tears of happiness to our eyes!

Mike and Joanne

“We wanted to thank you for helping to create a truly memorable ceremony for us. We had an awesome day, filled with love, laughter, wonderful memories. Everyone loved the ceremony and our wedding party commented on how much they enjoyed meeting and being able to share time with you at the Rehearsal dinner, it really helped to create that sense of community and coming together. We would love to keep in touch with you and to have you and your husband over for dinner sometime in the near future. You are such a wonderful person and we are truly blessed that you agreed to officiate our wedding ceremony, you set the tone for what turned out to be a day filled with many blessings. We hope that the success of your 30 year marriage will rub off on us.” 

Steven and Stacey

I am guilty of always looking at how the future will play out and forget to enjoy today, right now, for what it is. So when I said “yes” to my now-husband’s proposal, all I could think about was my wedding and how it will play out, and kept forgetting to enjoy my engagement! As the day neared and anxiety started to rise, we hired Kristen to be our officiant. I had outlined exactly how I wanted my ceremony as I had a constant replay of my future ceremony playing in my head. We wanted a non-traditional ceremony that celebrated us and our union and we got just that. The day came and so did Kristen, ready with an outline that we drafted together. It was perfect. Because of Kristen, I was able to enjoy today, right now, exactly how it is. With all of the little stumbles and laugh-worthy moments that weren’t accounted for! Do I recommend her? Absolutely! She is not only a wonderful and open minded officiant (who won’t preach for 30 min at your wedding), but a loving and open hearted soul that sees all the good in the world. Her presence as you walk down the aisle, or nervously wait for your bride to arrive, will calm your nerves and let you enjoy every moment of your special day, exactly how it is.
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